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Code of Conduct for Swimmers

Cinderford & District Swimming Club have developed a Code of Conduct for swimmers whilst taking part in any club activities.

When you/your parent/carer sign the membership form you are agreeing to abide by the code of conduct.

Breaches of this code of conduct will be dealt with at the discretion of the coaches, management committee or Welfare Officer.

Serious or persistent breaches of the code of conduct will be subject to the club‘s Disciplinary Procedure.

General behaviour.

Each person is responsible for his/her behaviour.

Behaviour and personal conduct must be of a high standard at all times and reflect favourably of the club.

1. Treat all other people with due respect including:-

a. Fellow Swimmers.

b. Coaches.

c. Officials.

d. Competing clubs members and representatives.

e. General public.

2. Behave appropriately. The use of inappropriate or abusive language, bullying, harassment, discrimination, or physical violence will not be tolerated and could result in action being taken through the club disciplinary or child welfare policy.

3. Inappropriate comments or remarks made on social networking sites that would bring the club, its members, or committee into disrepute will not be tolerated.

4. Act at all times in a safe and considerate manner. (You are responsible for the safety of other swimmers as well as your own).

Swimming training

1. Attend sessions regularly, on time and with appropriate kit, i.e. Swim cap, goggles, and water bottles etc.

2. Observe Heywood‘s poolside rules e.g. no running (see poolside notice).

3. Do not enter the water until told to do so and no diving unless instructed to do so.

4. Do not leave the pool without permission.

5. Listen to what your coach is telling you and always try your best.

6. Think about what you are doing during training, e.g. turns “Perfect practise makes perfect“

7. Do not stop and stand in the lane, you may get injured. Do not pull on the ropes as you may injure other swimmers.

8. Tell your coach/teacher about any reason why you may not be swimming at your best.

9. Poor behaviour anywhere, in or out of the pool, will not be tolerated.


1. You must wear club uniform and hats when representing the club.

2. Be part of the team, and support your team mates. Stay with the team on poolside and inform your coach or team manager if you leave for any reason.

3. After your race report to the coach, not your parents.

The Club‘s rules (Constitution), codes of conduct and policies are available to read at the desk and on the website.

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